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The Department of Psychology takes an innovative and interdisciplinary approach in our research and coursework with an emphasis on understanding issues that directly impact our society. Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to ask and answer science-based questions about human and animal behavior by introducing students to the data, theories, and research methods from different fields of psychology: biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social. Psychology students engage in collaborative scholarship and critical thinking while developing skills that are highly valuable for careers in a diverse range of fields.

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Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate psychology curriculum is diverse in order to reflect the breadth of the field -- from the biological bases to the social determinants of behavior. Students can obtain general familiarity with psychological knowledge as well as have the opportunity to emphasize specific areas of psychology. Courses are geared toward the development of evaluative and analytic skills, which are indispensable to advanced study in experimental, clinical, and applied psychology. These skills, together with knowledge of the factors influencing individual and group behavior, are highly valuable for careers in such diverse fields as public health, engineering, medicine, business, administration, law, and education.

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Graduate Programs

The graduate program in psychology prepares scholars for scientifically oriented jobs in research and/or academia. The program requirements provide a broad-based, high-level exposure to scientific psychology and an in depth experimentally-oriented knowledge of a specific area of psychology. PhD students work closely with faculty mentors on research and professional development with a particular emphasis on written communication of scientific research.

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The Department of Psychology conducts cutting-edge interdisciplinary research with involvement from undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, and faculty. While members of the faculty all have their own individual specializations, we also share a number of research interests and fields and frequently collaborate across disciplines.

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