Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Diverse students at graduation

Our Mission and Values

The Department of Psychology at Tufts University views the creation and maintenance of a diverse and inclusive environment to be essential to rigorous thought, informed analysis, and scholarly excellence. Diversity presents itself in many different forms including (but not limited to): disability status, gender identity & expression, nationality or place of origin, political affiliation, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and unique work or life experience. Inclusion reflects a department climate that consciously values the heterogeneity of experiences, perspectives, and identities of a diverse community. As it is for any organization, realizing these goals of diversity and inclusion is a continuing challenge. We actively pursue these ideals for all members of our undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, faculty, and staff communities through our recruitment, teaching, and research efforts, with particular emphases as follows:

  1. To encourage and support a diverse representation of undergraduate and graduate students in our courses and programs of study.
  2. To diversify the faculty, staff, and graduate student body through targeted recruitment efforts and to increase the accessibility of graduate study to historically underrepresented groups.
  3. To use theory and evidence to develop and expand initiatives that support and enrich the experience of prospective and current undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds.
  4. To advance diversity and inclusion through community building, education, and open dialogue for the undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral scholar, faculty, and staff community within Psychology and across the university.

We Value Mutual Respect Statement on Anti-Racism Ways to Support All Students

EDI Committee

The department's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee is charged with promoting our publicly stated departmental principle that the creation and maintenance of a diverse and inclusive environment is essential to rigorous thought, informed analysis, and scholarly excellence.  The committee's responsibilities include: asking questions and recommending potential answers regarding our department's commitment to being a safe and supporting environment for all groups and individuals; the assessment and remediation of bias in our department; the concrete steps we can take to increase the representation in our department of underrepresented racial minorities and other marginalized groups; how our department can establish and perpetuate a commitment to anti-racism at the level of the university and general society.  The Committee is constituted of faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  

You are welcome to anonymously report any comments or concerns regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Department of Psychology. Your submission will be reviewed by the EDI committee chair.

EDI Committee Chair