Department Highlights


Tufts Graduate Program Diversifying Psychology Open House: Please join us 10/20/21 at 7pm for a virtual open house featuring faculty data flash talks, a graduate student panel, and workshop on tips for applying to graduate school. This event is open to all and has been designed with the primary goal of supporting and providing information to Black, Indigenous, People of Color considering applying to graduate school at Tufts and elsewhere.

SPSP Diversity Graduate Student Travel Award: Congratulations to Jada Copeland and Maria Garay, students in our graduate program, on receiving diversity travel awards for the 2022 SPSP Conference. As part of this award, Jada and Maria will have an opportunity to meet two scholars whose work they admire in social-personality psychology.

Psychonomics Society Award: Congratulations to Professor Ayanna Thomas, named recipient of a Mid-Career Award from the Psychonomics Society!

SPSP EDI Award: Congratulations to Associate Professor Keith Maddox, recently named the 2021 recipient of the Jenessa Shapiro Award for Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology! 

APS Fellow: Congratulations to Associate Professor Keith Maddox, who has been named a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science!

Faculty/Staff DEIJ Service Award: Congratulations to Professor Ayanna Thomas, who has been named recipient of this year's Faculty/Staff DEIJ Service Award!

New Faculty Hire: The Psychology Department is pleased to announce that Dr. Xandra Kredlow will be joining the faculty as an assistant professor in January 2022.