• PhD, University of Michigan, United States, 1975


Dr. Harder is currently studying experiences of spirituality as well as the assessment of shame, guilt, and narcissism and how these traits relate to symptomatology and other aspects of personality functioning. Courses taught include: Abnormal Psychology; Graduate-Level Abnormal Psychology; Seminar in Clinical Psychology (emphasizes different schools of psychotherapy); Supervisory Seminar in Field Work (for undergraduate psychology/clinical majors); Research Methods in Clinical Psychology; Theories of Personality. Dr. Harder co-administers a special Psychology Department major in "Psychology/Clinical", which gives undergraduates a thorough grounding in the academic and clinical sides of psychology. A capstone experience in this major is a year-long internship of 12 - 16 hours work per week in an actual clinical agency. This field work experience includes regular on-site supervision and a campus supervisory seminar once a week. Introductory psychology, basic statistics, clinical research design, and clinical interviewing courses are required. Optional courses that focus on family therapy, behavior therapy, and psychoanalysis are also available. Apparently, this is the only undergraduate major of this sort in the entire country.