Research/Areas of Interest:

Cognitive Neuroscience


  • PhD, Neuroscience, Stanford University, Stanford, United States, 2009
  • BS, Biology, Duke University, Durham, United States, 2001


Dr. Race received her PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University in 2009, and her BS in Biology from Duke University in 2001. Following her PhD, Dr. Race completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Memory Disorders Research Center located at Boston University and the VA Boston Healthcare System.

Dr. Race's research seeks to elucidate the cognitive and neural mechanisms supporting human learning, memory, and cognitive control. Of special interest is how memory is used flexibly and adaptively to guide behavior in the present and to create predictions, and simulations, of the future. These topics are addressed by using a combination of cognitive neuroscience techniques, including functional neuroimaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG), and by studying the behavior of healthy adults and clinical populations with memory loss, such as patients with amnesia. By utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, Dr. Race's research aims to provide a more comprehensive understanding of brain-behavior relationships in both health and disease.

Graduate and undergraduate students interested in working in the lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Race directly.