• PhD, University of Minnesota, United States, 1979


Emily Bushnell has been a member of the Psychology Department at Tufts University since 1979. She is currently a Full Professor in the department and also directs the Behavioral Development Lab. Dr. Bushnell received her BA in Psychology from Swarthmore College in 1972 and her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development in 1979. Since then, in addition to working at Tufts, Dr. Bushnell has also been a Visiting Fellow at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia; a Visiting Research Fellow at St. Andrews University in St. Andrews, Scotland; and the Edward F. Arnold Visiting Professor at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Dr. Bushnell has published numerous scientific articles and given many professional presentations on her work in the area of perceptual-motor and cognitive development during infancy. She served as Chair of Tufts' Psychology Department from 1993-1996 and has been active on faculty governance committees within the university throughout her career. Dr. Bushnell has also served on National Institutes of Health study sections to review research grants and on the editorial boards of several scientific journals. She recently served as Co-chair of the Program Committee for the 2007 meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development and currently sits on the editorial board of SRCD's premier journal Child Development. In her spare time, Dr. Bushnell enjoys biking, white-water canoeing, playing poker, and visiting with her two adult children.