Research/Areas of Interest:

Social Cognition


  • PhD, Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada, 2012
  • MA, Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada, 2008
  • BSc, Psychology of Public Opinion and Behavior, University of Toronto at Scarborough, Canada, 2007


Dr. Jessica Remedios is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Social Identity and Stigma (SIS) lab at Tufts University. She received her PhD in experimental social psychology from the University of Toronto in 2012. Her research aims to understand the impact of stereotypes on stigmatized group members under conditions of complexity. As such, she focuses on how people with more than one stigmatized group membership are perceived and how these individuals cope with the multiple forms of prejudice they face.

In one line of work, Dr. Remedios explores how stigmatized people are perceived by others. She is interested in how one identity (e.g., sexual orientation) may affect how perceivers process information and use stereotypes about another identity (e.g., race) during person perception. In a second line of work, Dr. Remedios examines how multiply-stigmatized targets cope with facing more than one form of discrimination. Specifically, she aims to understand how having multiple stigmatized identities affects psychological and behavioral outcomes in targets. In both lines of work, Dr. Remedios uses social-cognitive methods to assess controlled and automatic attitudes that people hold about themselves and others.

Graduate and undergraduate students interested in working in the Social Identity and Stigma Lab should contact Dr. Remedios.