Research/Areas of Interest:

Clinical neuroscience


  • PhD, Boston University, United States, 2018
  • MA, Boston University, United States, 2013
  • BA, Stanford University, United States, 2008


Dr. Kredlow received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Stanford University and a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Boston University. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University in the Phelps Lab and has been a faculty member at Tufts since January 2022.

Dr. Kredlow's program of research examines methods to harness memory processes with the goal of developing novel interventions for emotional disorders (e.g., anxiety, trauma and stressor-related, and mood disorders). A large portion of her current research aims to investigate: (1) reactivation-induced memory change strategies at a behavioral and neurobiological level and potential applications for the treatment of emotional disorders, (2) strategies to enhance consolidation of learning processes relevant to cognitive behavioral therapy (e.g., extinction learning) for emotional disorders, and (3) the prevalence and impact of symptom-relevant and negative autobiographical memories.