Advising for Undergraduates

Your advisor is a valuable resource for academic, professional and even personal advice. Advisors can do so much more than sign your registration forms; they can mentor and guide you towards making the most of your interests and your academic career. If you wish to find an advisor in a specific area of Psychology, consult ourĀ faculty, but keep in mind that you are not required to have an advisor with the exact same subject area interests as you.

Advisors depend on students communicating their interests, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses; based on this knowledge, an advisor can then help you see what choices and paths are available. If you feel your advisor is not a good fit for some reason, feel free to seek out another advisor who is a better fit.

Since professors are especially busy during registration, we recommend that you consult with your advisor throughout the year. Non-registration periods are a good time to explore career goals, interesting course work, internships, books, etc. Review a list of current office hours for all professors online, in the main office, or on the professor's door.

For more information on how to declare your advisor, visit FAQs for Undergraduates.