Digital images of a brain with the background of computers and technology

Science, Technology, and Society draws on humanities and social sciences approaches to study science and technology in their social context. We have more than 40 faculty affiliates across Tufts University - from anthropology, biology, classics, education, engineering, history, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, political science, urban and environmental policy and planning, and many more. This makes the STS program a site for rich cross-pollination of ideas and expertise.

An interdisciplinary major and minor have been available since Spring 2016. Our three main tracks of study, tailored to the expertise of our core faculty, are Bodies, Health and MedicineScience and the State; and Math, Maps, and Modeling. The STS concentrations will provide students with a synthesis of methods for studying the human interfaces of science and tech. Training in STS will prepare students for an extremely wide range of future careers, not only within academia but also in research, journalism, education, medicine, and policy and planning related to science and technology.

Undergraduate STS Programs