Find an Advisor

If you’re interested in majoring in STS, you should identify a potential faculty advisor and schedule a meeting with them. You can find a list of potential advisors from a range of home departments below.

You do not have to share research interests with your advisor. Students often select an advisor from their previous instructors, but you are also welcome to reach out to faculty you have not yet worked with.

It is possible that the first faculty members you ask to advise you will not be able to take on new students; or, they may be on academic leave. Check individual faculty pages for some information about their availability.

If you’re uncertain or would like more general information about the STS program, you’re welcome to contact Program Director Nick Seaver ( or Program Manager Samantha Jo Fried ( to schedule an informational meeting.


Joseph Auner, Music
sound studies, music and technology

Alex Blanchette, Anthropology
environment, animals, capitalism

Tatiana Chudakova, Anthropology
medicine, plants, post-socialism

Jamee Elder, Philosophy
astrophysics, experimentation, black holes

Jess Keiser, English
aesthetics, history of science

Peter Levine, Political Science
moral and political philosophy, civic studies

Zarin Machanda, Anthropology
primate behavior, biological anthropology

Sarah Pinto, Anthropology
medicine, gender, South Asia

Caleb Scoville, Sociology (starting Spring 2025)
environment, social theory, science policy

Nick Seaver, Anthropology
algorithms, attention, anthropology of technology

Benjamin Wolfe, Biology
microbial communities, fermentation, genomics