BA/BS in Science, Technology, and Society (co-major)

Science, Technology, and Society offers a 10-course co-major; at Tufts, co-majors must be chosen in conjunction with another major. This works particularly well for STS, which pairs well with science, humanities, social science, or visual and performing arts majors. The STS core faculty come from over a dozen departments and are available to serve as advisors if STS is paired with their respective fields

Course Listings

Each semester, courses from around the university are listed by the program as "STS degree courses," indicating that they count towards an STS degree, whether or not they have an official STS number (See current semester listings). Some courses are designated as "Core STS" classes, which are foundational for the degree. Students can petition to have other courses counted toward an STS degree, including courses taken before declaring.

STS 10: STS Reading Lab (2 credits). Discussion and reading-focused courses, offered with varying topics and designed to be "paired" with non-STS courses from the catalog, particularly from the sciences. Allows paired courses to count toward the STS degree: each pair counts as 1 course and the sum of both courses' credits (maximum 5) toward the degree. Pairs do not have to be taken concurrently and may be taken in any order. When unpaired, a Reading Lab counts as 1 full course and 2 credits toward the degree. STS co-majors must complete at least one Reading Lab and may count more than one toward their degree.

STS 50-01: STS Lunch Seminar Series (1 credit). A weekly public speaker series featuring STS scholars from Tufts and other universities. Credit granted for attendance and written responses. Counts as 1 credit toward the STS degree; does not count toward the total course requirement. STS co-majors must complete at least one semester of the Lunch Seminar for credit and may count more than one toward their degree.

Co-Major Requirements

STS coursework for the co-major must include at least 10 STS degree courses and must add to at least 30 credits. Cumulatively, STS coursework must include:

  • at least three with a Core designation;
  • at least one Reading Lab;
  • at least one semester of the Lunch Seminar;
  • all ten courses counting toward the co-major must have received a grade of C- or higher. Of these ten courses, none may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

A maximum of five courses may be double-counted toward the STS co-major and another major. Please contact your primary major about their double-counting rules as well, as rules can vary between individual departments and programs.