Graduate Programs

The Tufts History Department encourages our graduate students to study subjects and problems that transcend traditional academic constraints and consider national and regional histories in the broadest possible contexts. Our collaborative approach places an emphasis on global or inter-regional connections and comparisons, as well as on the use of interdisciplinary methods. A more detailed description of the program requirements can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Our graduate programs cultivate academic excellence, and prepare students for leading roles in education and research, as well as in the fields of business, administration and world affairs.

The Department of History offers an MA in History or in History and Museum Studies. It also offers individual courses to students earning a certificate in Museum Studies. The PhD is offered in Modern South Asia and Global History.

MA in History

The Master's Program is a small, selective program of graduate study that emphasizes comparative understanding of historical process.

MA in History and Museum Studies

The MA in History and Museum Studies combines theory and practice by bringing together scholars of the Tufts History Department and professional experts in Tufts Museum Studies program.

PhD in History

The PhD program in history accepts only well-prepared students who intend to work closely with a particular Tufts faculty member.


Please visit our admissions website for comprehensive information on our admissions processes and requirements, deadlines, financial and merit aid options, forms and instructions.

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