Advising for Undergraduates

Advising for History Majors

We view the favorable ratio of students to faculty in the department as one of our greatest teaching strengths. Faculty members are accessible and available to give advice. The Department of History especially urges you to seek out your faculty advisor for more than the twice-yearly approval necessary for course registration or a signature on drop-add forms.

Your major advisor can also be a mentor, someone who can guide you and work with you at critical stages in your career at Tufts, and should be in a position to know you well when the time comes for letters of recommendation. But this relationship can only develop if you seek him or her out. Below are some of the occasions when you will need to discuss your career with your faculty advisor. Remember that mentoring sessions work best if you also contribute effort. Faculty can help you much better if you have identified the issues on which you need help.

Choosing an advisor: an undergraduate who has decided to declare a major often has been inspired by a particular professor and wishes to have that person as his or her advisor. Go to that member of faculty and ask, but remember that advising is an important responsibility and some of the most popular teachers may not be able to add you to their list. In that event, or if you do not yet have a preference, please contact our Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising, David Proctor (617. 627.3041), who will find an available advisor for you. While changing your advisor at any time is a simple process, we urge you to develop as soon as possible a close mentoring relationship with one member of faculty who can "know" you and your career well enough to be of real assistance.

Advising for History Minors

For information on a minor in History, please contact Distinguished Senior David Proctor

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Other Departmental Contacts

Transfer of Credit Advisor: Associate Professor Man Xu

Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising: Distinguished Senior Lecturer David Proctor