BA in History

A major in History allows you to comprehend the full variety of human experiences and how societies function, to better understand the origins of our modern world, and to recognize when ideas about the past influence actions in the present. The major also hones skills in analysis and writing that lead our alumni to careers in a wide array of fields, including government, law, education, business, medicine, and the natural sciences. Small course sizes and faculty dedicated to undergraduate education create a favorable environment for intellectual exploration and challenge.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • The History Major requires completion of a minimum of 10 courses, ordinarily to be taken within the department. 
  • Please note that a single course may fulfill several of the below concentration requirements. (For example, in both a major or minor, a course on Early Modern Europe could fulfill both the European history and pre- or early-modern requirements).
  • In consultation with their advisor (normally prior to taking such courses), majors may count up to two courses from outside the department in cases where it may be difficult or impossible to complete their concentration core (see below) within the department. Such courses may not count toward either of the seminar requirements.
  • History courses taken at Tufts' programs abroad or transferred from other accredited institutions may be counted toward the minimum of ten courses. Courses taken outside of Tufts, however, do not count as graded courses. No more than four of the history major concentration requirements may be transferred from other institutions.
  • A minimum grade of C- is required in all courses counted towards the completion of the major.

Course Requirements 

  • One Foundation Seminar (a high demand course) to be completed during the sophomore year or as soon as possible after declaration of the major.
  • One course covering the pre- or early-modern period.
  • One course in U.S. history.
  • One course in European history
  • One course in each of any two of the following areas: Global/Transregional, Africa, Latin America, the Middle-East/Central Asia, East Asia, and South Asia.
  • Four or more courses to serve as a concentration core (this may be defined either geographically or topically).
  • One Research Seminar (a high demand course) to be taken within the Department of History at Tufts.*

*In consultation with their advisor, majors should prepare for their Research Seminar by taking courses, either at Tufts or abroad, that build toward this capstone experience. Ordinarily a Research Seminar will form part of the concentration core. Those intending to write a Senior Honors Thesis should plan to take their Research Seminar in the second semester of their junior year or, at the latest, the first semester of their senior year.

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