Minor in History

A minor in History allows you to better understand how societies function and how the world we all live in today developed. It helps you hone skills in analysis and writing which are valuable in a wide variety of different career paths. Small course sizes and faculty dedicated to undergraduate education create a favorable environment for intellectual challenge and exploration.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Five courses of 3 semester-hour units (SHUs) or more are required to complete the minor. 
  • A single course may fulfill several of the concentration requirements. (For example, a course on Early Modern Europe could fulfill both the European history and pre- or early-modern requirements).

Course Requirements

  • One history course covering the pre- or early modern period.
  • One history course in at least two of three areas: (a) American (b) Europe, and (c) the following group of regions—Africa, Latin America, Middle East/Central Asia, East Asia, and South Asia.
  • Three courses developed as a coherent core in consultation with the student's history advisor.

Download Minor Checklist