Honors and Awards

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History majors should consult the Tufts Bulletin for liberal arts honors guidelines and Thesis Honors Program. When nominating seniors for honors, especially magna and summa, the department looks carefully at qualitative issues - performance in seminars and colloquia, evidence of sophistication in work beyond the introductory level (e.g. work in advanced courses, senior thesis, independent study) - and not simply the quantitative criteria of GPA and A's earned.


  • The Albert H. Imlah European History Prize is presented for distinguished work in the history of western civilization, or to promote summer reading in the Honors Program or a comparable program. Professor Imlah, a member of the History faculty from 1927 to 1970, created this award to encourage high academic performance.

  • The Albert H. Imlah Excellence in History Prize is awarded to a senior selected by the History Department for excellence in History.

  • The Gerald R. Gill Prize is awarded annually for the best paper written for a history research seminar. The award recognizes outstanding research and exceptional analysis. It honors the memory of Tufts Prof. Gerald R. Gill, who taught American and African American History (1980-2007). He inspired many students to invest deeply in their research seminar scholarship.

  • The Russell E. Miller History Prize is awarded to an undergraduate of exceptional ability whose participation in advanced history courses has demonstrated an eagerness to explore problems of historical analysis and interpretation.

  • The Prospect Hill Chapter, Daughters of the Revolution Prize Scholarship is awarded on recommendation of the Department of History to a student demonstrating marked interest in American colonial history as well as excellence in scholarship.

  • The Vida H. Allen Prize, awarded to a graduating senior for excellence in a senior Honors Thesis in History.