Professors McPherson and Kelly standing on the academic quad


We are committed equally to excellence in research and excellence in teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

In addition to our major and minor in philosophy, we offer a certificate program in Ethics, Law, and Society, as well as courses for students who have never taken a philosophy course, who want to improve their critical thinking skills, or who wish to look at foundational issues in another field of study. Our master's degree program is world-renowned and is perennially rated the leading graduate program in the United States by The Philosophical Gourmet Report.

We pride ourselves on being a vibrant department, in which many different philosophical traditions and approaches are represented and come into conversation with one another. The research interests of faculty members are wide-ranging and include the history of Western philosophy (ancient through the recent past, including analytic philosophy as well as phenomenology), ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, moral and political philosophy, philosophy of race, feminist philosophy, public philosophy, and aesthetics, including philosophy and film.

The Department is committed to further increasing the diversity of its faculty, students, and staff, as well as the scope of our offerings, and to maintaining a welcoming and encouraging environment for faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds. The Department regularly offers courses that focus on issues of racial and social justice, as well as courses in non-Western Philosophy. All faculty are committed to bringing voices and perspectives into their courses that have traditionally been under-represented in philosophy, and to creating a classroom environment that allows students of all backgrounds to feel comfortable and encouraged to develop their own philosophical voices. 

If you can't find the information you need, please contact us. For information on how to apply to our programs, or to access philosophy resources at Tufts, in the Boston area, and online, visit our Online Resources.