Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

We are committed equally to excellence in research and in teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

In addition to our major and minor in philosophy, we offer a certificate program in Ethics, Law, and Society, as well as courses for students who have never taken a philosophy course, who want to improve their critical thinking skills, or who wish to look at foundational issues in another field of study. Our master's degree program is world-renowned and is perennially rated the leading stepping-stone graduate program in the United States by The Philosophical Gourmet Report.

The research interests of faculty members range from analytic metaphysics to the history of ethics to philosophy and film. We have strengths in political and social philosophy (including feminism and philosophy of race); philosophy of mind; philosophy of science; philosophy of language, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and epistemology; and continental philosophy.

If you can't find the information you need, please contact us. For information on how to apply to our programs, or to access philosophy resources at Tufts, in the Boston area, and online, visit our Online Resources.