Transfer of Credit

For questions about the Philosophy Department's transfer-of-credit policies, please contact David Denby.

Undergraduates who have taken courses in a philosophy department outside Tufts may request that these courses be transferred in as philosophy credits. Such requests will not automatically be granted. At least seven (7) courses constituting a Philosophy major must be offered or cross-listed by the Tufts Philosophy Department.

View instructions on how to request a credit transfer.

Approval for credit transfer often requires that we review the syllabus, readings, examinations, and papers for a course. If you plan to request transfer credit for a course taken at another institution during your time as a Tufts undergraduate, remember to preserve all of these materials.

Students who want to accrue Philosophy credits while studying abroad and want to check whether courses they are considering will count will need to obtain syllabi in advance. Philosophy majors are strongly encouraged to discuss courses for which they plan to request transfer credit with their advisors (if majors) and/or the department's transfer credit advisor (currently Professor David Denby).

Note: The department does not grant philosophy credit for courses not taught in a philosophy department. Philosophy majors must take at least four of their required courses on the Medford campus.