Minor in Philosophy

The minor in Philosophy is designed for students who have done substantial work in philosophy without completing all the requirements for a concentration. For questions about the minor in Philosophy, please contact Professor Susan Russinoff, who serves as advisor for the program.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • The Minor in Philosophy requires the completion of six courses. Each course is typically assigned three credits.
  • All courses used in fulfillment of a disciplinary minor at Tufts must be taken for a grade.
  • No more than two courses used to fulfill a foundation, distribution, or concentration requirement may be counted toward fulfillment of the minor.
  • Students may not complete both a minor and a concentration in the same discipline, nor may they enroll in more than one disciplinary minor.

Course Requirements

  1. One of the following courses:
    • PHIL 2 Introduction to Philosophy
    • PHIL 3 Language and Mind
    • PHIL 6 Reasoning and Critical Thinking
    • PHIL 24 Introduction to Ethics
    • PHIL 33 Logic
    • PHIL 39 Knowing and Being
    • PHIL 43 Justice, Equality and Liberty
    • PHIL 48 Feminist Philosophy
  2. Two courses at the 100-level, and
  3. Three other Philosophy courses