Graduate Admissions FAQs

Admission to the MA program is highly competitive. We are looking for students who have the potential to do significant and interesting work in philosophy and to succeed in competitive PhD programs. Many admitted students have studied philosophy as undergraduates, but applicants with little formal training in philosophy are regularly admitted to the program as well. However, we usually do not admit students who have never taken a philosophy course or who do not seem to be familiar with the analytic philosophical tradition. Roughly 10 students are admitted to the program every year, although in recent years some classes have been as small as six students and others as large as 13.

More information about application requirements and deadlines can be found on the Graduate Admissions website.

For general application inquiries, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at or by phone at 617-627-3395.

  • We regularly admit students who do not have an undergraduate degree in philosophy, but rarely admit students who have not studied any philosophy at the university level. The reason for this is that applicants need to submit a writing sample that demonstrates their capacity for doing philosophy at a high level, and it is difficult to produce such a sample if one has not studied some philosophy in college or if one has not had the opportunity to interact with philosophy professors. In addition, successful applications typically include recommendation letters from philosophy professors that speak to the applicant’s aptitude for doing philosophy in an academic setting.

  • No. We regularly offer courses that make substantive contact with the “continental” tradition. But because our main mission is to prepare students for placement in a strong PhD program in philosophy, we do emphasize the analytic tradition.

  • Because of the large volume of applications we receive, we cannot review applications with candidates either before they apply or after we complete the admissions process.

  • No. Though most of our students are at least open to going on in philosophy, some apply to the program expecting that they will want to do other things. When the fit between the program and such students is excellent, we will admit such students.

  • No.

  • Estimated cost of the Tufts MA program in Philosophy

     Expenses*Financial support from Tufts*


    paid per course, usually 3 credits per course

    $1,597 per credit

    x 36 credits for the degree

    = $57,492.00 for the degree


    Tuition remission

    average of 69%, applied per course, usually 3 credits per course


    $1,101.93 per credit

    x 36 credits for the degree

    = $39,669.48 for the degree

    Teaching Assistantships

    one per semester after the pedagogy seminar


    $4,250 per course

    x 3 courses

    = $12,750

    Pedagogy seminar

    paid over one semester




    Net program cost$2,009.52

    *Tuition for 2023-24. In addition to tuition, you will be required to purchase health insurance, and pay health and wellness and student activity fees if you enroll.

    *Teaching assistance salary may vary.

    *The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences provides up-to-date estimates of the cost of living in the area:

  • Please contact Dilip Ninan, our Director of Graduate Studies.