Remembering Daniel C. Dennett, University and Fletcher Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

Daniel C. Dennett, a once-in-a-generation scholar, teacher, and colleague
Tufts News

Tribute to Dan Dennett, from the Department of Philosophy at Tufts University:

Rationalist and humanist, artist, builder, farmer, storyteller, expander of the philosophical imagination, slayer of philosophical nonsense. You've taught us that false profundity is as great an enemy of true philosophical depth as patent superficiality, and that philosophy can be full of both spirit and soul even as it resists their reification.

Thank you for challenging and encouraging us to be philosophically honest, even when that meant disagreeing with you more or less fundamentally.

Thank you for your wisdom, sense of humor, dedication, and generosity. Thank you for your leadership.

It has been a privilege and an inspiration to be your colleagues.