Joint MIT/Tufts Cosmology Seminar

Fall 2024

September 17 - MIT 


September 24 - Tufts 


October 1 - MIT 


October 8 - Tufts 


October 15 - No seminar


October 22 - MIT 


October 29 - Tufts 


November 5 - No seminar


November 12 - MIT 


November 19 - Tufts 


November 26 - MIT 


December 3 - Tufts 


December 10 - MIT 


General information

The seminar rotates between MIT and Tufts. MIT seminars are organized by Thomas Steingasser (tstngssr at mit edu), Misha Ivanov (ivanov99 at mit edu), David Kaiser (dikaiser at mit edu), and Alan Guth (guth at ctp mit edu). Tufts seminars are organized by Mark Hertzberg (Mark.Hertzberg at tufts edu) and Alex Vilenkin (vilenkin at cosmos phy tufts edu). These pages are maintained by Ken Olum (

Unless otherwise noted, the seminars at both institutions are on Tuesdays at 2:30 pm.

Links for online seminars will be sent to sent to the cosmology seminar mailing list. Click here to subscribe to the cosmology seminar mailing list.

Usual locations for in-person seminars:

Tufts: 574 Boston Ave, Room 310 or 316 (refreshments will be served outside the building at the Harvard St. end if it's not too cold, otherwise in the third-floor hallway)


MIT: Center for Theoretical Physics Cosman Seminar Room, Fourth Floor, Building 6C, Room 6C-442

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