Minor in Astrophysics

The material below describes the requirements for a minor in Astrophysics. For more detailed information please speak with your advisor.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Acceleration credits (for example, AP credit) may not be applied toward the minor requirements.

Course Requirements

5 courses:

  1. Three courses in astronomy (numbered AST 15 or higher).
  2. Two electives in Physics and/or Astronomy (choose any from the following):
    • PHY 1: Introduction To Physics I W/lab or PHY 11: General Physics I W/lab
    • PHY 2: Introduction To Physics II W/lab or PHY 12: General Physics II W/lab
    • PHY 13: Introduction to Modern Physics
    • any Physics courses numbered PHY 15 or higher
    • any Astronomy courses numbered AST 15 or higher

Download Minor Checklist