Minor in Applied Computational Science

Students interested in pursuing this minor should contact Professor Peter Love.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • The Minor in Applied Computational Science requires five courses and a capstone experience.
  • To satisfy the minor the classes must be completed with a grade of C or above.

Course Requirements

  1. Preparation courses (2 Classes) - Students must take classes from the lists below, or classes in the same discipline that have the listed classes as prerequisites. Pre-matriculation credits may not be used to satisfy these requirements
    1. Physical and Natural Science students: Comp 11 AND Comp 15
    2. Computer Science Students: Two classes from:
      • Astronomy 31: Stellar Structure & Evolution, Astronomy 32: Galactic and Extragalactic Astrophysics
      • Bio 13: Cells And Organisms W/lab, Bio 14: Organisms And Population W/ Lab
      • Chem 1: Chemical Fundamentals W/ Lab, Chem 2: General Chemistry II with Lab, Chem 11: General Chemistry, Chem 12: General Chemistry.
      • EOS 1: Introduction To The Dynamic Earth W/lab, EOS 2: Environmental Geology W/lab, EOS 5: Introduction to Oceanography, EOS 51: Global Climate Change
      • Physics 11: General Physics I W/lab, Physics 12: General Physics II W/lab
    3. Mathematics Students and all other majors: COMP 15 is required from category A) and at least one course is required from category B).
  2. Probability and Statistics: One class from the list below.
    • Bio 132: Biostatistics
    • Bio 133: Ecological Models and Data
    • Math 161: Probability
    • Math 162: Statistics
    • Physics 016: Special Topics: Probability and statistics for Physicists
  3. Options: Two classes from the list below:
    • Astronomy 121: Galactic astronomy
    • Astronomy 122: Extragalactic astronomy
    • Astronomy 016: Special Topics: Astrophysics Laboratory (Required Project)
    • Bio 121 (Cross listed with Math 121): Mathematical Neuroscience
    • Comp 126 (Cross listed with Math 126): Numerical Analysis
    • Comp 128 (Cross listed with Math 128): Numerical Linear Algebra
    • Comp 136: Statistical Pattern Recognition
    • EOS 104: Geological Applications of GIS
    • Math 87: Mathematical Modeling (Required project)
    • Math 121 (Cross listed with Bio 121): Mathematical Neuroscience
    • Math 123: Mathematical Aspects of Data Analysis
    • Math 126 (Cross listed with Comp 126): Numerical Analysis
    • Math 128 (Cross listed with Comp 128): Numerical Linear Algebra
    • Math 150: Optimization
    • Physics 016 Special Topics: Computational Physics (Required Project)
  4. Capstone: The Capstone requirement can be satisfied by one of the following:
    • Senior thesis: The thesis can satisfy the capstone project requirement, but the senior thesis class cannot count towards the five credits required for the minor.
    • Class project in an approved list of courses from option 2, with a grade of C or above
    • Research evaluated by a presentation.