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We welcome two new faculty members to our department, in Fall 2023:

  • Professor Jamee Elder is a philosopher of science who specializes in the epistemology of astrophysics. They will teach courses in the philosophy of science, and the philosophy of technology.
  • Professor Michelle Dyke specializes in epistemology and metaethics. Her work investigates the nature of epistemic and moral normativity.

Congratulations to Professor Christiana Olfert on receiving a Tufts Springboard Award for her work on The Connected Corpus.

Congratulations to Professor Erin Kelly on her appointment as the current Fletcher Professor of Philosophy.

Professor Erin Kelly's book, Chasing Me to My Grave: An Artist's Memoir of the Jim Crow South, has won the 2022 Biography Pulitzer Prize.

Professor Avner Baz’s first book, "When Words are Called For" (Harvard, 2012), is out in Japanese translation.

Professor Jody Azzouni’s new book "Attributing Knowledge: What It Means to Know Something" is out.

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The legacy of enslavement—more than the concept of race—is at the root of our entrenched, caste-like social hierarchy, Philosophy Professor Lionel McPherson argues in a new book