BA in Romance Studies

Interested students should consult the designated advisor for the major in Romance Studies.

Program Requirements and Policies

The BA in Romance Studies allows students to pursue advanced studies in 2 or more of the Romance languages and cultures (French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian). Students who pursue this major will typically have achieved some proficiency in one Romance language before arriving at Tufts, but it is not necessary to have begun study of two or more languages.

Course Requirements

  • Minimum requirement of 10 total courses

  • The placement exam does not grant credit toward completion of the 10 required classes

  • Primary language: The first class that can count is level 22/23

  • Secondary language: The first class that can count is level 21

  • Tertiary language (optional): Any level; possibility of 1 course in Latin

  • Required Romance Linguistics (RS 96/LING 92) course taught in English (Spring 2025)

  • Romance Studies major may not be combined with a minor within the department