For questions on the following topics, consult the Faculty member or office listed below.

New Majors, Overseas Programs, General Information
Fletcher Professor of Oratory, Pedro Palou, Chair
Language Requirement or Placement in Courses
French:  Dr. Anne Poncet-Montange, Lecturer/Coordinator
French:  Ms. Anne Taieb, Lecturer/Course Administrator
French 1-22:  Dr. Anne Poncet-Montange, Lecturer/Coordinator
French 1-22:  Ms. Anne Taieb, Lecturer/Course Administrator
Italian:  Dr. Cristina Pausini, Lecturer/Coordinator
Italian:  Dr. Laura Baffoni-Licata, Senior Lecturer/Coordinator of Italian Studies
Italian:  Prof. Vincent Pollina, Associate Professor
Italian 1-22:  Dr. Cristina Pausini, Lecturer/Coordinator
Spanish:  Dr. Conchita Davis, Lecturer/Course Administrator
Spanish 1-23:  Dr. Conchita Davis, Lecturer/Coordinator
Portuguese:  Ms. Cristiane Soares, Lecturer/Coordinator
Special Minors for Engineering Students
French:  Dr. Anne Poncet-Montange
Italian:  Dr. Cristina Pausini
Spanish:  Dr. Conchita Davis
Courses Numbered 30 and Above
See the course instructor
All Junior Year and Other Programs in France
Professor Gérard Gasarian
Professor Isabelle Naginski
All Junior Year and Other Programs in Italy
Dr. Laura Baffoni-Licata
All Junior Year and Other Programs in Spain and Latin America
Dr. Amy Millay
Transfer of Credit
French:  Professor Isabelle Naginski
Italian:  Dr. Laura Baffoni-Licata
Portuguese:  Lecturer Cristiane Soares
Spanish:  Associate Pablo Ruiz
Other Romance Languages:  Associate Professor Pedro Palou, Chair
Teacher Certification, Liaison to Education Department
French:  Professor Gérard Gasarian
Spanish:  Lecturer Juliana Berte
French M.A. Program / Graduate Advising
Prof. Vincent Pollina
French House
Dr. Anne Poncet-Montange
Spanish House
Lecturer Ester Rincon