Minor in Portuguese

Interested students should consult the designated advisor for the minor.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Six courses are required for the Minor in Portuguese.¬†
  • Liberal Arts students may not minor and major in the same discipline; they may not be certified in more than one minor (except when one of the minors is disciplinary and the other is interdisciplinary).
  • No more than one credit in Independent Study may be counted toward the minor.
  • It is highly recommended that seniors returning from overseas programs enroll in an appropriate Portuguese course in the Department of Romance Languages during their final year of study.¬†

Course Requirements

  1. Three courses in Portuguese language, culture and/or literature above POR 3.
  2. Three courses chosen from among the following:
    1. Up to three more courses in Portuguese language, literature, and/or culture;
    2. Up to two courses of the Lusophone culture or civilization courses listed in the Guidelines for acceptable courses taught in English or Spanish;
    3. One upper-level culture or literature course taught in Portuguese in a program abroad;
    4. A second upper-level course taught in Portuguese and completed in abroad may be counted if approved by the minor coordinator