BA in French

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Ten courses are required to complete the BA in French. 
  • Students participating in programs abroad may count toward the satisfaction of the latter two requirements a wide range of courses in language, literature, art history, geography, history, civilization, and other areas.
  • No more than one credit in Independent Study may be counted toward the major. No more than two credits combining an Independent Study and an honors thesis may be counted toward the major.
  • All courses taken for credit in the major must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

Course Requirements

  • FR 22: Composition and Conversation II, or equivalent
  • FR 31: Readings in French Literature I, or equivalent 
  • FR 32: From Romanticism to the Twenty-First Century in French Literature, or equivalent
  • Four "100-level" courses in literature.
  • Two "100-level" courses to be selected from among the various course offerings in advanced language and culture, including FR 121: Advanced French Lang I, FR 122: Advanced French Language II, FR 123: Business French, FR 124: Translation and Sylistics, FR 125: Studies in French Culture, and all 100-level French courses unless specified otherwise, or their equivalents, or up to two additional 100-level courses in French literature.
  • One course taught in any language in a related field, or one additional 100-level course in French language and culture or literature.

The Senior Year

The department highly recommends that seniors returning from overseas programs enroll in two "100-level" courses on the Tufts campus during their final year of study. Normally it is expected that at least one of the four required "100-level" literature courses will be taken during the senior year on the Tufts campus itself.

The survey courses 31, 32, 34, and 35 are not appropriate options for senior majors; those who have not completed the required survey courses should see their adviser to choose suitable equivalents at the "100" level.