Transfer of Credit

The Department of Romance Studies accepts transfer courses from accredited college- or university-affiliated programs in the United States and overseas. Transfer of credit should normally be approved before courses are taken. When seeking this approval, students should send the course title, department, and number and the URL of the course description from the catalogue of the college you will be attending to the Romance Studies Transfer of Credit Advisor. If undecided among several courses, obtain approvals for all of them in advance. Please be advised that course approval is based on the content of the course, not the language of instruction. The Department of Romance Studies does not approve credit for orientation programs and/or orientation courses for study abroad. Neither will the department approve credit for courses that meet for less than thirteen weeks duration during semesters. Summer courses of at least five weeks and the equivalent number of contact hours to a Tufts summer course can be approved. More information can be found at the Registrar.

Department Guidelines

  • Orientation classes will not transfer;
  • Summer courses must be at least 5 weeks long to transfer;
  • For the Transfer of Credits of any course taken elsewhere, students must provide detailed course documentation: syllabus, course description, reading list, etc. Short descriptions from Program Abroad Catalogues are not always sufficient.

Transfer of Credit Advisors