Transfer of Credits

Studying abroad and at other universities provides valuable opportunities for broadening and deepening your education. The Department of Sociology approves transfer credit for sociology courses taken at accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

Review instructions for Course Approval/Transfer of Credit Directions for Study Abroad.

Read more about Transfer of Credit from AP courses or other Undergraduate Institutions.

Transfer of Credits FAQs

  • When reviewing courses for transfer, we evaluate the following:

    1. whether the course is offered by a department of sociology
    2. are the course materials primarily sociological in theory, methodology, or empirical data
    3. are the course readings drawn predominantly from the work of sociologists
    4. whether the instructor has advanced training in the discipline

    If most or all of these criteria are met, the course is usually approved. Courses which do not meet these criteria may be eligible for Tufts credit via another department or program. For example, courses whose content is fundamentally interdisciplinary might be credited via the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies; courses with a specific national or geographic focus may be credited by various language and culture programs, etc.

  • Not necessarily. Courses can be transferred as sociology electives whether or not a corresponding course is given at Tufts. But if there is a corresponding Tufts course, the transfer course may fulfill requirements met by the Tufts course. Check with your advisor.

  • Tufts does not give transfer credit for internships or Independent Study.

  • The number of credits is determined by the registrar in Dowling Hall, using a formula based on the number of contact hours.

  • At least the course's catalogue description. If at all possible, syllabi or reading lists should be submitted.

  • Preferably, before you go. While we can respond to fax and e-mail after you have departed, you run the risk that the course you select may not be awarded credit. The best thing to do is to get the course approved, in writing, before you leave. Note that the Tufts Bulletin stipulates that credit will not be awarded retroactively for internships.