Full-time Faculty
Paul Joseph, Interim Chair, Professor
Sociology of war and peace; political sociology; globalization
Freeden Blume Oeur, Associate Professor
Gender and masculinity, education, youth, sociological and feminist theory, black politics
Felipe Dias, Assistant Professor
Social stratification; comparative race and gender inequality; labor markets; quantitative and experimental methods; immigration; Latin America
Anjuli Fahlberg, Full-time Lecturer
Violence and conflict; social movements; urban poverty and politics; Latin America; participatory action research
Daanika Gordon, Assistant Professor
Race and ethnicity; criminology and law; urban sociology; inequality; research methods
Helen Marrow, Associate Professor
Immigration; race and ethnic relations; social inequalities and social policies; health; qualitative research methods
Sarah Sobieraj, Associate Professor
Political sociology; mass media; civil society and the public sphere; sociology of culture; social movements
Rosemary C.R. Taylor, Associate Professor (on leave)
Comparative historical study of disease and health policy; political sociology; sociology of science and technology; qualitative methods in action
Jill Weinberg, Assistant Professor (on leave)
Crime, law, deviance; sports; the body; research methods

Part Time Faculty/Lecturers
Adrian Cruz
American Society; Immigration, Race, and American Society
Jon Dzitko
Self and Society
Brett Nava-Coulter
Media and society; Health, Policy and Inequality
Jyoti Sinha
Making Social Change Happen

Postdoctoral Fellow
Margaret McGladrey, Postdoctoral Fellow of Civic Studies in Tisch College and Sociology
Children and youth; feminist media studies; gender; participatory action research; public health; sociological and feminist theory

Emeritus Faculty
Paula Aymer, Associate Professor
Race and ethnic relations; family; religion; immigration
John E. Conklin, Professor
Criminology; sociology of law; crime and media
Susan A. Ostrander, Professor
Civic and political engagement; social activism and community organizing; social inequalities (class, gender, race, immigration); nonprofit organizations; social justice philanthropy and foundations; qualitative research methods; community-based research

Faculty to Remember
James G. Ennis, Associate Professor
Social networks; sociological theory; research methods; art and science; social movements