Minor in Sociology

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Six courses and 18 semester hour units (SHUs) in Sociology are required to complete the minor as outlined below.
  • All courses and semester hour units used in fulfillment of the minor must be taken for a letter grade (not pass/fail). Grades below C- will not be counted.
  • Transfer courses are limited to two courses and six semester hour units, and Advanced Placement credits may not be used toward a minor.
  • Students are encouraged to declare their minor by junior year.

Course Requirements

Courses for the minor must include:

  • Sociology 001: Introduction to Sociology
  • One research methods course (SOC 100: Research Design and Interpretation or SOC 101: Quantitative Research Methods or SOC 102: Qualitative Research Methods)¬†
  • Sociology 103: Sociological Theory
  • Three Sociology elective courses