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Welcome to the Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology teaches students to examine social interactions, institutions, and identities in a systematic way. Our varied courses show how our selves, our actions, and our relationships are shaped by society, and how they in turn structure and change society. Social class, race, and gender are of central concern, as are institutions such as the media, the law, the family, religion, medicine, education, the military, business, nonprofit organizations, science, and the arts.

About the Department

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Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate students learn theories and research techniques that are useful for understanding social structures and solving social problems. Critical and comparative analysis and the imagination of alternative visions of society are fostered. Sociology majors graduate with highly developed research and critical thinking skills that suit them well for graduate and professional school and for careers in government, nonprofit organizations, business, the law, communications, and research.

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Funding & Opportunities

The Department of Sociology has funding and research opportunities available for students to attend conferences and to assist with research projects.

Funding & Opportunities

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