Support for New Faculty

Each year, we are excited to welcome our incoming faculty. Whether this is their first position at a university or they are arriving at the height of their academic career, each faculty member is new to Tufts. There are several resources available to our new faculty as they familiarize themselves with Tufts and the surrounding area. Please see below for a list of these resources.

Teaching Support - The School of Arts and Sciences is traditionally known for its teaching, and so we are dedicated to helping our professors become the very best teachers they can be.

Mentoring Program - The A&S Interdepartmental Mentoring Program is sponsored by the Dean's Office to supplement the departmental mentoring of our tenure-track junior faculty. Each year, first-year junior faculty are paired up with a senior faculty mentor outside of their department but with similar interests. The goal of this faculty development program is to provide our junior faculty members with an earlier and deeper connection to the institution.

Housing Assistance - Many of our new faculty relocate to the Boston area as a result of accepting a position at Tufts. We appreciate the challenge of moving to a new city, and so we have several resources to assist our faculty in finding housing that meets their needs.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – The Human Resources Department has engaged an EAP to provide assistance and support for all Tufts employees with issues ranging from finding childcare providers to seeking out support for issues facing families and individuals. The EAP is a confidential counseling service providing professional help to employees, their dependents, and household members for any type of personal problem.

Maps and Public Transportation - To help you navigate the Medford/Somerville and greater Boston areas, please visit the links below: