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Anthropology at Tufts gives students opportunities for ethnographic research through our Fieldwork Lab (Anth 161), several upper-level seminars (Anth 162 and over), internships (Anth 99), and independent research projects (Anth 197 and 199). Our students can present their research and engage with others through the Spring Student Anthropology Symposium (SSAS). This combination of hands-on research, disciplinary breadth, global and local understanding, and intellectual community makes Anthropology a strong major and an excellent preparation for a wide range of careers.

A minor in Anthropology complements a wide range of majors and disciplines, providing highly transferable skills and a grounding in a holistic and theoretically-informed way of thinking about humans in the world. We offer four distinct minors that allow you to gain a foundation in a thematically focused area of anthropology and training in specific methods, including ethnographic and publicly-engaged research.


BA in Anthropology

The BA in Anthropology lets you explore an extraordinarily wide range of topics and questions. The Department of Anthropology offers several areas of focus to fit your own particular interests and goals.

Minor in Biological Anthropology

The Minor in Biological Anthropology provides students with a basic understanding of how evolutionary principles can be applied to answer the question of why humans are the way we are.

Minor in Cultural Anthropology

The Minor in Cultural Anthropology provides a basic understanding of social and cultural dynamics of human societies, cultural anthropological theory, and ethnographic research methods.

Minor in Medical Anthropology

The Minor in Medical Anthropology provides students with a basic understanding of the social and cultural components of health, illness, disease, healing, and medicine, emphasizing relationships between systems of knowledge, therapeutics, social structures, and human experience.

Minor in Social Justice Anthropology

The Minor in Social Justice Anthropology allows students to focus their study of anthropology on writing, cultural production, activism, and other practices that promote social justice, for example in a feminist, democratic, anti-racist, anti-colonial, environmental, or anti-poverty vein.


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