Join Our Lab

If you have any questions about my work or openings in my lab, please feel free to contact me:

Postdoctoral Fellows

I do not currently have funding for postdocs, but I would happily consider hosting a candidate who has secured their own funding. In addition, I would consider pursuing funding opportunities with candidates who wish to join my lab. Please feel free to contact me with research ideas.

Graduate Students

My lab has room for new graduate students interested in behavioral ecology, and my work in particular, providing the student has sufficient experience, interests, and qualifications. My lab tends to be very interactive, so the ability to work well in a group is important.

My lab has actively worked on a broad spectrum of topics including - but not limited to - microbial ecology, recognition systems, evolution of sociality, parasite and host relationships, behavioral & chemical communication, invasion biology and invasion genetics, and select topics in human sociobiology and Darwinian Medicine. Although most of my work is on honey bees, paper wasps, and wool carder bees, I am excited to study many systems (please see my publications page).

Getting into the Graduate Program at Tufts University is competitive. We are a diverse department with labs expressing a wide range of research interests. To foster a graduate student body that reflects that diversity, we look for well-rounded students who can take advantage of our unique offerings. Part of what we look for is that students are excited about, and capable of learning about, biology at a variety of levels of biological organization. Please contact Douglas Purdy, the departmental secretary who coordinates applications, for details about applying.


If you are interested in gaining research experience in my lab, please send me an email describing your academic record, your reasons for wanting a research experience, and your ideas about which aspect of my lab's research you are most interested in.