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Scientific American produced a short documentary featuring some of Mike Levin and Doug Blackiston's work on their "Animal Robot" in the Levin Lab. The robot was showcased at the AAAS annual meeting in early March. You can watch the video on YouTube. Congratulations to Mike Lavin and Doug Blackiston!

The Biology Department offered a new upper level lab course this year developed and run by Kelly McLaughlin and co-taught with Michael Levin – the new course is BIO56: Developmental Biology Research Lab and was held in the Spring 2023 semester; the section was popular, with 15 of 16 available spots filled.

Tufts biology researchers are studying species from birds and tadpoles to fruit flies seeking to understand their strength in the face of natural and man-made challenges – Michael Romero and Michael Reed are featured along with graduate and undergraduate researchers in this January 11, 2023 TuftsNow piece, "Uncovering the Secrets of Resilience in Nature" – read the article and watch the accompanying video here.

The Biology Department welcomes new faculty member Professor Alfredo Hernandez, who joined in Fall 2022 – learn more about Dr. Hernandez here.

The Department of Biology at Tufts University is ranked 9th in College Factual's list of 2023 Best General Biology Colleges in the U.S.

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