Courses Taught

Bio 0051: Experiments in Ecology (Co-Taught)

In Bio 51 we provide an introduction to field research in multiple habitats. We place emphasis on acquiring skills in taxonomic identification, sampling techniques, hypothesis testing and experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, as well as oral and written communication.

Bio 0244: Topics in Evolutionary Ecology (Co-Taught)

In Bio 244 we examine current topics in evolutionary ecology, including plant-herbivore co-evolution, sexual selection, phenotypic plasticity, life-history strategies, and conservation biology. Our readings and discussions also focus on experimental methodologies and statistical methods.

Bio 0130: Animal Behavior

In Bio 130 we examine ethological theory. We focus on proximate and ultimate causes of behavior, and emphasize ecological and evolutionary influences on behavior. I place particular emphasis on the functioning of animal societies.

Bio 0183: Seminar in Darwinian Medicine

In Bio 183 we focus on the evolutionary causes of disease as a means of sharpening research skills and our understanding and application of Darwinian thought. Students work in groups to examine a disease of their choosing, and present their results in both oral and manuscript form. As evolution is relevant to virtually every aspect of biology, I firmly believe that students should learn how to take a Darwinian approach to disease.

Bio 0195/6 & Bio 0295/6: Special Topics

Almost every semester I will run small tutorials on topics of mutual interest between myself and one or two very motivated students. We have explored grandparental care, emotions in animals, and topics in evolutionary medicine (to just name a few). On rare occasion, I run a larger seminar where up to a dozen students and I focus on topics of general interest, such as human sociobiology and complementary and alternative medicine.

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