Congratulations to:

  • Anne Madden for her recently accepted paper "Actinomycetes with Antimicrobial Activity Isolated from Paper Wasp Nests" (see publications)
  • Kelsey Graham for being awarded an Animal Behavior Society grant to study Anthidium bees
  • Julia Pilowsky for receiving an NSF Graduate Student Fellowship

Media Coverage

A partial list of popular press articles that have featured Starks Lab research projects:


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  • BBC Science. Male-stuffing. Luck-Baker, A. (1997).


  • Pulse on the Planet. Wasp behavior. Staff (1999).
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  • NPR. Male-stuffing. Staff (1997).


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  • New Scientist. Huntington's mutation could make people healthier; Huntington's disease is increasing within the general population - could a controversial new theory explain why? Spinney, L (2007)
  • New Scientist. Bees turn up the heat on invaders. Staff (2000)
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  • Natural History. Honey bee thermoregulation. Bischof, B. (2000).
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  • Bioscience. “Stuffed” males save food. Staff (1998).
  • New Scientist. In Brief: The sting. Staff (1997).


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  • Talking Science Discovering a New Fungus (Dec 2011)
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