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  • As of 9/1/22, we renamed ourselves from the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS) to the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences (ECS). For years, we have incorporated climate science and paleoclimate topics into our courses, and we are now in the process of expanding our faculty lines and modifying our curriculum to include both earth and climate science fields. As we complete this transition, any reference to EOS is synonymous with ECS.
  •  We have a new guidebook to provide information to prospective and current students
  • Our Fall 2022 course booklet is available
  • For EOS 1 The Dynamic Earth: this course will not have a lab section attached to it, only for fall 2022. The lectures on Monday and Wednesday will be 75 minutes long instead of 50 minutes to balance out that time, and there will be some extra homework assignments. Please contact the department if you have any questions: jack.ridge@tufts.edu or kendra.clifton@tufts.edu. We look forward to exploring our Earth with you this fall!

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Noel Heim and Rep. Jack Lewis participating in a video conference call

Dinosaurs are a great hook

Noel Heim, lecturer in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, is consulting with Mass. State Rep. Jack Lewis on a bill to designate a state dinosaur