The Department of Earth and Climate Sciences has an array of equipment and technology to support undergraduate studies and field research. Below is a list of some of the equipment in our department.

Computing Facilities

  • 3 PC workstations for student use
  • 18 node, 144 processor Apple research cluster
  • Geohydrology lab with specialized software
  • Epson 7600 wide format printer
  • Network Color Laser printer
  • Lane Hall WiFi network

Analysis and Preparation Equipment

  • Olympus low power binocular microscopes
  • Olympus petrographic microscopes
  • Leica DMS 1000 microscope digital capture system
  • AGICO JR-6 manual Dual Speed Magnetometer
  • AGICO MFK1-FA Spinner Kappabridge susceptibility device with CS4 furnace device
  • ASC TD48 Thermal Demagnetizer
  • ASC LB-1 Laboratory Rock Core Drill Press
  • Magnetic Shield Corp. 40-cm cylindrical nested mu-metal shield
  • Sapphire Instruments SI-4 single axis AF demagnetizer with IRM and ARM generation
  • Bartington MS2C 125 mm core logging magnetic susceptibility device
  • Deltec research furnace
  • Octagon Digital sieve shaker, with coarse to fine 8" sieves at quarter-phi increments
  • Mettler analytical electronic balances
  • Ohaus electronic balances
  • Blue M drying oven
  • Rock saws and grinding equipment

Field Facilities and Equipment

  • Multiple boreholes on campus for groundwater hydrology teaching and research (GeoJumbo Array)
  • Downhole well observation video camera and recording equipment
  • Suite of Solinst pressure transducer/temperature probes
  • Full suite of Brunton pocket transits and Jacob staffs
  • Soft sediment manual coring equipment
  • Rock outcrop cutting and mini coring power tools
  • OTT MF pro Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Repositories and Collections

  • Curated fossil collection of ~3000 specimens
  • Curated mineral collection of ~4000 specimens
  • Curated rock collection of ~3000 specimens