Jill Vantongeren

Jill Vantongeren

503 Boston Avenue
Research/Areas of Interest:

Petrology and Mineralogy


  • BS, University of Michigan, United States, 2004
  • PhD, Columbia University, United States, 2011


Prof. VanTongeren studies the processes that modify magmas deep in the crust prior to their eruption at the surface. She works on magma emplacement and evolution in both the oceanic and the continental crust. She has performed field work at spectacular geologic locations across the world, including the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt, the Oman ophiolite, and the Bushveld Complex in South Africa. Her current research includes work in the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Ferrar Dolerites in Antarctica, and she is starting a new project in the high mountains of Costa Rica.