students walking next to Eaton Hall

Founded in 1984, The Environmental Studies Program (ENVS) was one of the first multidisciplinary environmental programs in the United States. Our students and alumni have become effective practitioners and advocates for the environment in medicine, law, finance, industry, government, and other academic fields.

Environmental Studies is offered both as a stand-alone major and as a co-major in conjunction with any stand-alone major in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. We also offer a minor in Food System and Nutrition and a minor in Environmental Science and Policy (for Engineering students only). The Environmental Studies co-major requires the completion of five core courses, plus five courses in any one track, and an internship. The stand-alone Applied Environmental Studies major requires five core courses, five skill-based courses, four courses in any one track, a capstone course, and an internship.

The core curriculum requires students to master basic scientific principles of environmental processes, to examine interactions between technology and the environment, and to explore the societal context for implementing environmental policy. Learn more about Environmental Studies Program learning objectives here. We recommend that students pursuing a major degree begin by taking ENV 1 Introduction to Environmental Studies early on, to get to know the program.