Get Involved

Tufts students have many opportunities to get involved with environmental initiatives on campus and beyond organized by Environmental Studies, our Department collaborators, and student groups. To stay in the loop about Environmental Studies events and activities, subscribe to our weekly student newsletter. Be sure to also check out our weekly Hoch Cunningham Environmental Lecture Series on Thursdays at noon (free pizza is served!). 

ENVS works closely with the Office of Sustainability (OOS), the administrative department within Tufts that helps connect students and employees to institutional sustainability challenges. They regularly hire student interns and run programs to develop resilient climate leaders. For students who are interested in recycling, composting, and waste at Tufts, the Facilities Department also often hires student interns and workers. 

Lastly, students can get hands-on experience in environmental topics by participating in student groups and initiatives. To contact or stay updated on what student groups are planning, we recommend following them on social media. Here is the growing list of student environmental initiatives at Tufts:

    • Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative - A partnership between Tufts Dining, staff/faculty, students, and Food For Free to minimize food waste at Tufts while addressing food insecurity in our broader community.
    • Tufts Mountain Club (TMC) -  A student group that connects members of the Tufts community to resources, knowledge, and friends to explore the outdoors.
    • Tufts University Engineers without Borders -  A student group that designs and implements sustainable engineering projects in developing communities.
    • Tufts Bikes - A student group working to promote bike culture at Tufts University through a bike-sharing program, a bike repair shop, workshops, rides, and educational events.
    • Tufts Pollinator Initiative (TPI) - A collaboration of Tufts scientists (including faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates) enthusiastic about pollinator conservation and community education.
    • Tufts Climate Action (TCA) - An activist student group fighting for full fossil fuel divestment and institutional change at Tufts and beyond. 
    • Tufts New Economy - A graduate student group that is passionate about a more just and sustainable economy and builds connections with “solidarity economy” initiatives in the Boston area and beyond.
    • Tufts Energy Group - A student group that focuses on engaging and educating the Tufts community about energy issues.
    • Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) - A student community of students who care deeply about the environment and who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable campus and world through education and mobilization. Contact them on Facebook or through email at to learn more.