Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative

In 2015, Food for Free, a non-profit based in Cambridge that recovers food from farms, stores and schools, in collaboration with Tufts undergraduate students, local school counselors, district level officials, and graduate students from the Friedman School of Nutrition started the Family Meals program, repackaging surplus, prepared food to provide more than 400 meals every week for homeless families living at the Day St. Hotel in Boston.

This preliminary work paved the way for the formation in March 2016 of the Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative, a partnership between Tufts Dining, staff/faculty, students and Food For Free to minimize food waste at Tufts while at the same time addressing food insecurity in the local host community. Through this community coalition, Tufts dining donates about 200 lbs. of food per week to Food for Free. This food is packaged by student volunteers in ready-to-eat meals that Food for Free delivers to families and students in need in the Greater Boston area.

For more information about joining, visit the Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative website.