Resources for and Policies on A&S Emeriti Faculty

Benefits of Emeritus/a Status 

For information about the benefits of emeritus/a status, visit the retirement page on the AS&E Secretary of the Faculty site. 

Policy and Procedure for Websites for Retired/Emeriti Arts and Sciences Faculty Members

  • Tufts cannot support website maintenance for lab sites for emeriti faculty. However, the TTS Web and Mobile Team is happy to give retiring/emeriti faculty their lab website content in a zipped file so they may build, re-build, manage, and/or maintain a site themselves on the platform* or another platform of their choosing.
  • If a faculty member already has a lab website, this existing site will remain available to them when they become emeritus/a.

* is a web platform available to anyone with an active Tufts account to create and manage websites for any Tufts-related activity (e.g. personal portfolio, class activity, lab site, project site etc.) and is based on the open source WordPress platformPer the retention policy, sites must be maintained and updated periodically. Sites are flagging for deletion after two years of inactivity.  

Policy and Procedure for Listing Emeriti Faculty Members on the A&S Department Websites

  • When a faculty member is appointed emeritus/a, their title will automatically be updated in FIS/Elements on the effective date. Retired faculty members who have not been appointed emeritus/a will not be displayed.
  • Emeriti faculty profile will be displayed in the Emeriti Faculty section of the department(s) websites that they are appointed emeritus/a in. Emeriti faculty are not displayed on program websites.
  • If an emeritus/a faculty member would like to update their bio for the website, they may do so by logging into the Elements editor application at and updating their profile. Note: Edits will automatically be pulled into the department website profile, but the data transfer may take 1-2 days.
  • Active emeriti faculty members can be listed on the department website for up to 20 years from the date of their emeritus appointment. The profile can include an email address if the faculty member is actively checking their Tufts email.
  • The AS&E Secretary of the Faculty will keep an archive of resolutions on faculty retirements on the dedicated page for this on SOF website for 10 years.