Major Grants & Fellowship and Grant Institutions

Major Grants in FY 2021 - 2022

A&S is pleased to recognize the below faculty who received major grants in FY22:

  • Michael Levin, Biology, received $3,922,051 from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. for his four two-year project, Re-training molecular networks: a new path toward the biomedicine of cancer and regeneration revealed by a basal cognition approach.
  • Michael Levin, Biology, received $2,133,060 from the John Templeton Foundation for his three-year project, Synthetic Living Machines and the Emergence of Purpose.
  • Catherine Freudenreich, Biology, received $1,950,000 from the NIH Institute of General Medical Sciences for a five-year project, Replication through DNA Structures and Consequences for Genome Stability. 
  • Richard Lerner, Eliot-Pearson Child Study and Human Development, received $999,552 from Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. for his three-year project, Promoting Healthy Development in South African Youth through Thandas Character Virtues Development Programs.
  • Michael Levin, Biology, and Fiorenzo Omenetto, SOE, received $708,848 from U.S. Office of Naval Research for their one-year project, Confocal microscopy for producing high-resolution image control in living skin.
  • Krishna Kumar, Chemistry, received $510,455 from Velum Incorporated (original sponsor NIH) for his three-year project, A GIP Companion Drug for Enhancing Metabolic Benefits of Long-Acting GLP-1.
  • Rebecca Fauth, and Jessica Goldberg, Eliot-Pearson Child Study and Human Development received $496,364 from Massachusetts Department of Public Health for their two-year project, COVID-19 Disparities Grant: Community-based qualitative data collection.
  • Rebecca FauthAnn Easterbrooks, and Jessica Goldberg, Eliot-Pearson Child Study and Human Development received $489,875 from Roca, Inc. for her three-year project, Evaluation Services for Roca Young Mothers Program.
  • Scott Frost and Colin Orians, Biology, received $449,651 from NSF for their three-year project, Collaborative Research: Using Herbivore Kairomones to Assess Short-term and Legacy Risk Responses in the Early Life Stages of Long-lived Woody Plants.
  • Richard Lerner, Eliot-Pearson Child Study and Human Development, received $435,339 from Turnaround for Children, Inc for his eighteen-month project, Tufts IARYD and Turnaround for Children Collaboration.
  • Clay Bennett, Chemistry, received $414,747 from NIH for his four-year project, A Continuous Flow-Based Approach to Automated Microbial Oligosaccharide Synthesis.
  • Alexander Vilenkin, Physics and Astronomy, received $405,000 from NSF for his three-year project, Fundamental Physics and Cosmology.

Fellowships and Grants in FY 2021 -2022

In addition to the aforementioned grants, our faculty, staff, and students secured grants and fellowships from numerous corporations and foundations including:

  • Administration for Children and Families
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • Alfred P Sloan Foundation
  • Atlantic Specialty Coffee, Inc.
  • Bedford VA Research Corporation, Inc.
  • Boston Globe Foundation
  • BRIM Biotechnology
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • City of Medford
  • Devens Enterprise Commission
  • Dialysis Clinic, Inc.
  • D-Wave Systems
  • Emerald Gate Charitable Trust
  • Georgia Humanities
  • Harvard University
  • Health Made Easy LC
  • Horticultural Research Institute, Inc.
  • Jack Miller Center
  • Lahey Clinic, Inc.
  • Land Economics Foundation of Lambda Alpha International
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.
  • Research Corporation for Science Advancement
  • Rheumatology Research Foundation
  • Schuler Education Foundation for Schuler Access Initiative
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
  • Technische Universitat Berlin
  • The Africa-America Institute
  • The Guy Foundation
  • University Research Association, Inc.
  • Unravel Biosciences, Inc.
  • Wave Life Sciences USA, Inc.