Grant Proposal Resources

This resource page has been designed specifically for the use of the Arts and Sciences faculty and students to assist in the grant submission process. Below you will find guidance on university and department requirements, procedures, required forms, and most importantly, who to contact should questions arise.

Funding Opportunities

A&S Research Administration provides assistance in proposal development, submission, and post-award management. We recommend using the on-line COS (Community of Science) search engine to find grant opportunities. For private or foundation searches, contact Corporate and Foundation Relations.

On occasion the sponsor may limit the number of proposals submitted from one institution. Please contact Tufts Limited Submissions Office, your local research administrator (LRA), and A&S Research Administration, if the sponsoring agency has set such limits.

Limited submission opportunities are shared weekly by email from: Please contact your LRA or to be added to the elist.

Getting Started

  1. Start this process at least a month in advance of the stated grant deadline.
  2. Download and email an electronic version of the grant solicitation (RFA, RFP, PA) or email a link to the grant solicitation and a brief description of your intent to your LRA and A&S Research Administration.
  3. If your solicitation will involve a special request as listed below, please inform your LRA and A&S Research Administration to initiate the approval process as described below.
    Request Responsible Approver
    PI Eligibility Waiver LRA prepares letter Ayanna Thomas, Dean of Research
    Course Release PI and Department Chair Bárbara Brizuela, Heather Nathans, Samuel Thomas, A&S Academic Deans
    Scheri Fultineer, SMFA Dean
    Additional Space
    Alterations or renovations
    Major Equipment purchase
    PI and Department Chair Christopher Helmuth, Executive Administrative Dean
    Cost Sharing (mandatory or voluntary) PI and LRA Christopher Helmuth, Executive Administrative Dean
    Ayanna Thomas, Dean of Research
    F&A Rate less than Federal Rates LRA prepares the Reduced F&A Request Form Mandatory reduction: Ayanna Thomas, Dean of Research
    Voluntary reduction: Christopher Helmuth, Executive Administrative Dean

Preparing the Submission

  1. A&S & LRAs provide assistance with the following:
    • Understanding sponsor or grant guidelines and requirements
    • Administrative pages of your proposal
    • Budget preparation
    • Subcontractor and other collaborative requirements
    • Navigating the Tufts internal process
  2. Things to remember:

Routing the Submission

  1. All proposals must be submitted via the Research Administration System (RAS) five business (5) days in advance of the sponsor deadline. The following must be included in the RAS proposal:
    • Detailed budget and budget justification
    • Sponsor required administrative documents
    • Draft of sponsor required scientific documents
    • Subcontract documents (if applicable)
      • Subcontract letter of collaboration
      • Budget and justification
      • Scope of Work
      • Letter of Intent
      Final applications must be submitted via RAS for institutional approval and submission two (2) business days before the sponsor deadline. Deviating from this internal deadline requires approval by the PI and the Dean of Research

Additional information and university policies may be found at Research Administration and Development.

Revised 12/2022